Two weeks ago I wrote about the launch of Pokemon Go.  Since then it really has been a phenomenon.  Last weekend everywhere I looked there was someone walking around London staring at their phone trying to catch a Pokethingy, companies are cashing in on being Poke-gyms and nearly everyone now seems to know what augmented reality is (or at least we are pretending to).

On the Passle network  we have seen over 40 professionals referring to Pokemon in the last 2 weeks - check out - and some have really shown me how to properly excel at content marketing.  That is because they are using my interest in this incredibly successful game to teach me something new.

I love the post below from Rachel (from law firm Hudson Gavin Martin in NZ).  She drew my attention to 'a bug' (that has been fixed) in the game that gave the game developer Niantic access to Users' entire Google accounts - emails, photos, location etc.  Rachel showed me she thinks about the detail, the small print, the risks and in so doing she is shining a light on Hudson Gavin Martin's services.  All from talking about a game - and it made me pause for thought.  Great content marketing.