It has been a disastrous week for the Tories. They have got the message all wrong. 

They would do well to remember that in order to develop the technology sector in the UK we will need to bring in skilled and experienced people. Leaders who have 'done it before' and can mentor our leaders here. There's an awful lot of talk about the UK finding our own Facebook, or Google. Where would Facebook be without Sheryl Sandberg? Where would Google be without Eric Schmidt? Where are our Sandbergs and Schmidts? We don't actually have any. The pool of Executives that have led tech businesses of scale is small Worldwide. Its virtually non-existent in the UK. 

Its not just CEOs we need. Its great product leaders, great engineering leaders - people capable of building and shaping these critical functional teams that power growth at scale. It's difficult enough to find them anyway. Tempting them to relocate to the UK is challenging, and the process of securing work permits is unnecessarily onerous, as it was even before the Brexit. 

So, the question is, if we turn ourselves into a country that is openly hostile to foreign Executives then why would they come here? The weather? It's our companies and our economy that will suffer in the long-run.

At least Philip Hammond seems to be backtracking slightly, as does Amber Rudd from her frankly hideous suggestions earlier in the week. I hope sanity will prevail.