I just found this article and thought it was very interesting. This question is so basic, but so often it seems to catch people out. Even the most senior and seasoned and, otherwise, wholly impressive Executives, seem to stumble. Some even pause for a while and they say "Good question" before pausing again to think for an age. The look on their face betraying the fact that either: a) they feel like they've just been asked the most unusual and challenging question they could imagine or b) this is the most obvious and basic interview question and they realise they look a bit silly by not being able to answer it off-pat and without hesitation. 

This is one of those questions that would be in the top 3 interview questions on anyone's list - even my mother's (I asked her over lunch last weekend - #2 on hers) So why don't people prepare an answer? 

I think Suzi Welch's rules for replying to this awkward question are spot-on. Whether you're interviewing for a CEO role - or just starting out on your first round of interviews at the start of your career -  take a while to read this. It will pay dividends. 

Oh, and don't forget to rehearse the 'weaknesses' version too.....