...as someone who is a natural-born procrastinator, this article really resonated with me and made me smile, albeit mirthlessly! 

I have had to learn self-discipline and methods in both my work and personal life in order to avoid that last minute panic when a deadline is at risk of whooshing straight past me. They were skills I had to learn at university when I was left to my own devices for the first time with no teacher or parent standing over to me to ensure my work was handed in on time. 

Unsurprisingly it came to down to practice and sticking to goals I set myself, which luckily became a matter of habit over a couple of years - and cemented themselves once I entered the world of work. I know I still work up to the last hour on occasion, whether at work or when it came to planning my wedding (!), so am always grateful for refreshers and tips on how to run my whole life in a timely fashion!