Interesting piece on SFIST reflecting on recent NY Times articles on the change in fortunes of some high-profile 'tech ' companies that have made significant redundancies in the last few weeks.

The Doomsayers are calling a bubble about to burst, but that feels a long way wide of the mark. Executive search is often viewed as the 'canary in the coalmine' - a lead indicator of hard times ahead - and we're certainly seeing no let up in the demand for our services, in Europe or the US. 

A better explanation of recent events would seem to be that this is the natural result of some big investments that were made in bad businesses during frothy times. WeWork turned out to be a serviced office company and Zume turned out to be a Pizza delivery company. After looking at the S1 it seems many industry luminaries are speculating that Casper might just be a mattress company. Strange times.....

Two seafaring sayings often used by Warren Buffett come to mind here: "A rising tide carries all ships" and "Only when the tide goes out do you find out who was swimming naked"