We’re in the heart of the fourth industrial revolution, Web3, Blockchain, IoT, Quantum Computing ……

Advances in artificial intelligences are being thrust upon us daily. If you haven’t yet read a story about ChatGPT in Q2 then frankly you haven't been paying attention.

AI is becoming increasingly capable of taking on complex efforts such as predicting the weather, medical diagnoses, stock market trading and human behavioural modelling.

We’re in a relationship. Technology is in our 'blood'. It’s nothing short of genius. But how far can artificial intelligence realistically go to mimicking a living, breathing person?

Could it really be gunning for our jobs?

There is much speculation about AI replacing jobs, even if it might make a credible standalone participant in a leadership team – by replacing the CEO for example - a boardroom full of ‘robots’? a CAIO? 

ChatGPT was launched back in November. It achieved 100m users in its first eight weeks and already it’s being touted as a threat to my former profession in the newsroom. How many journalists will be outdone by advanced writing tools capable of scripting articles, essays and even poetry?

On the upside, computers imitate human cognitive functions like problem solving extremely well, in many cases tech improves efficiency in the workplace and can perform better on things like repetitive tasks, big data and mathematics.

The obvious shortcomings are in the way of creativity, compassion and intuition. Machines can be discriminative too.

There is no doubt AI will continue to make certain roles disappear completely, at the same time studies suggest it will generate millions of new ones.

It may be smart, but it’s not yet autonomous, thankfully it still needs us, it needs human input and verification.

In most professions technology is likely to replace, and indeed enhance, only parts of the process, freeing up time for real creativity and innovation.

Human touch and genuine evaluation are impossible to emulate (one hopes).

So, for better or for worse? From this day forward, for now at least it seems there’s room for all to exist in harmony.