What a brilliant headline this week from Broadcast. When I started my career in TV this headline would have been inconceivable - there were just so few women at senior levels in the industry.   So whilst we have some way to go it feels, at last, as if we are making some progress!

However, one interesting element of the press coverage this week is the lack (with the exception of Jay Hunt) of coverage for international candidates.  Arguably, there are many senior executives in the USA (think Disney for example) and beyond who have deep experience in content AND consumer and could bring a different point of view to the BBC at a time when radical thinking must be a critical requirement.  

Perhaps, it is perceived that the BBC as an institution cannot be run by a non-Brit.  Or that the compensation available to the Director General of the BBC wouldn't be attractive to anyone from the commercial world.   

But for my money Diversity shouldn't just be applied just to gender (although it is a darn good start!) it should also be applied to background and experience too.  This is one of the most important jobs in the British media industry and for the future of the BBC we need to get it right!