As we all mourn the untimely passing of Caroline Flack a report published last week highlights a growing problem in the USA.  Suicide rates in the US have risen 35% in the last two decades to a total of 47,000 deaths per annum.  The rate of teenagers and young adults taking their lives rose 47% in those two decades and between 2000 and 2016 there was also a 50% increase in the number of girls and women committing suicide.  

There are some who say that social media is to blame for increased levels of loneliness and depression and one could certainly argue either side of the technology aids v technology hinders communication debate for days.  

At a time when the understanding of mental health issues and the pressures of social media, or being in the media spotlight, have increased substantially it is truly tragic to see any increase in the numbers of people taking their own lives - as the tragedy of Caroline's decision makes all to clear.