Speculation has been rife for some time now as to who would take over the reins of the Walt Disney company once Bob Iger finally called time on his reign as CEO.  

All credit to Disney for finding an internal successor. Anyone who has seen the Mickey Mouse shaped graphic of the Disney assets will attest to the jaw dropping complexity of the corporate entity.  An internal candidate will at least have that knowledge already banked.

The announcement that Disney were replacing one Bob with another Bob did however remind me of a press announcement last summer... that there were more men called David (7) running FTSE 100 companies than there were women (6) running FTSE 100 companies.   

And as a Disney alumni I'm disappointed that of the Disney Executive leadership team (14) the only women (3) are in HR / Communications / Finance. As without direct operational experience / P&L ownership it is near on impossible to grow into the CEO role.  Let's hope Bob The Second will address that during his tenure.