A Few Observations, from a Silicon Valley Headhunter, on The C-Level in the COVID era:

* As expected, certain searches put on hold until the storm has passed. That said, a surprising number of our clients have actually accelerated their existing searches and/or new searches, especially for CEO, CTO, CRO and CMO roles right now.

* The leadership candidate pool hasn't shifted significantly yet (beyond travel, retail etc..). Numerous executives, we have spoken with over last two weeks, are still receiving several headhunter calls a day. Quite a lot are open, some are hunkering down and more risk-averse (i.e. concerned about going to new company with LIFO risk). 

* Most active technology-related verticals: Cloud / Data / Cybersecurity, Fintech, Telehealth / Healthcare IT, Logistics-Supply Chain, Gaming and eCommerce tied to basic necessities.

* For executives on the move, companies with strong balance sheets / EBITDA positive extremely important factor regardless of size (no surprise - same in 09).

* C-level hires are already being made via all virtual video interviewing with additional referencing & stringent background checks.

* Appreciation, kindness and openness being shown more often.


Stay safe!