A terrific article featuring some excellent companies in a vital industry. Post-quantum cyber security is something that all companies and consumers should take seriously today. Whether it is three years or ten before Quantum computers break current encryption standards, there are bad actors collecting our encrypted data today, waiting.

The real impact of this is impossible to measure, however all of us face the reality that any information sent today that is not meeting post-quantum encryption standards, will at some point in the future be accessible to those that are motivated to see it.

When Bletchley Park broke Enigma they did not shout it from the rooftops, we built a comprehensive understanding of the other side and used what information gave us a vital advantage, without giving the game away. There is no reason to suspect the post-quantum age will be ushered in any differently; intellectual property lost, subtle advantages taken, outcomes influenced just enough to tip the scales.

Assisting companies such as these in their go-to-market plans, ensuring they have built the strongest possible leadership teams to build their businesses, feels of more fundamental importance than ever. These companies are protecting us all from bad actors that are ever more sophisticated. They keep us and our children safe. This isn't just a specialism of mine, it's a mission that I’m immensely proud of.