This morning Calibre One held our first virtual-morning-huddle for our London Office. As a company, I recognise we are much more fortunate than some others in that we have been able to quickly follow government advice and move to remote working. Broadly speaking, the nature of our work in executive search can be carried out online or over the phone, interviews can be conducted via conferencing and our clients, most of which are deeply technically capable, are typically now moving to a similar model.

As I watched our team discuss the day ahead and share their social-experience of what is happening in the world around us, it is so clear just how important the technology we have built into our business is: it will not only enable us to work together in the coming weeks, it will keep us together as a culture, as colleagues, as friends.

I love technology: anybody who has worked with me over the past 20 years know how lucky I believe I am to do the work I do in the sector I do it. I believe passionately that technology innovation will play a key role in getting us through what will be difficult times for all of us. It's not surprising to me that cyber-criminals are taking advantage of new opportunities when they see them, crime has evolved in its method but not its motive so criminals will look to take advantage of us whilst we are distracted. Over these next few weeks whilst we all get used to working from home it’s easy to let our guard down so please let’s all try to ensure we do all we can individually to protect the technology that keeps us connected.