Despite a 'disastrous' interview with the CEO of Tinder appearing in the London Evening Standard, shares in the holding company - Match Group - jumped 23% to value the business at c$3.5bn.

I was amused to read Sean Rad's interview earlier this week, published during Match Group's 'quiet period', which included some smutty, but harmless, metrics about his private life (number of conquests etc.) as well as some less harmless, and erroneous, metrics about the business (number of users etc.).

Parallels were drawn with Larry Page and Sergey Brin's 2004 interview with Playboy, which was published in the lead up to Google's IPO. I have to admit I missed that one!

I guess now Match, and Square, look to have nudged the tech IPO window a little wider heading into 2016, it may be worth reminding some senior exec's why it's called 'a quiet period'.