Daft Punk to one side, you can count the popular global French pop songs on one hand... so I couldn't resist the reference to the 80's Vanessa Paradis hit - in relation to the latest leaks in the Guardian regarding Uber's lobbying in France to gain operating licences.

Of the two main protagonists (Emmanuel Macron - the French President - and Travis Kalanick, the ex. CEO and founder of Uber) the former certainly has most to lose. Some of these leaked emails will 'blow your hair back'... guaranteed.

As if we didn't know it already, the days of building B2C internet businesses - with questionable unit metrics - using agressive tactics, within a toxic culture, in the sake of 'land grab at all costs' are over... it's too late with some, but there are many recent examples which only further this evidence (look at the q-commerce space).

To be fair, Uber realised this and addressed it some time ago... given the current market dynamics, I imagine the rest will follow - in short order.

'Taxi for Macron'?...