Apologies in advance for another Google related post from Calibre One - but they can't seem to stay out of the news at the moment (for good or bad).

After their spectacular £400M acquisition of DeepMind - the UK AI software firm - back in January 2014, everything seemed to go a bit quiet.

This was big news at the time - in part, because of the size of the deal for a company that many people knew very little about.  Whilst not exactly in stealth mode, DeepMind had no products - or marketing - to speak of.

The fact that DeepMind's software can now beat Europe's top ranked 'human' (5-0) at a game with 10X more options per move than chess, is impressive.

The cheap shot now, of course, is to speculate as to how this new innovation can be applied to Adwords, or Adsense, or DBM, or thermostats, or...?