Here's a stat: there hasn't been a single tech IPO in the US in 2016.

Whilst the winter chills currently blowing around technology stocks have effectively helped freeze the IPO window shut, for headhunters this represents an opportunity... I will elaborate.

What's now happening across the broader industry, was seen in ad-tech around a year ago. We kicked off a search for a marketing software client at the time. At the start of the process, with numerous companies in the space having filed S-1 forms to IPO (or about to) it was almost impossible to attract senior talent from those organisations.

However, during the course of a subsequent search for the same client - as market sentiment turned against the sector and IPO opportunities receded - the very same candidates were beating a path to our door. It's amazing how the removal of a notional liquidity event on the horizon can open people's minds!

Whilst an open IPO window is good news for (almost) everyone - when it closes, the labour market is more fluid. 'Every cloud' and all that...