I was suitably impressed with the roll-call of heavy weight movie industry veterans that Sean Parker has recruited to endorse Screening Room, his latest disruptive venture that aims to deliver new theatrical releases direct to the home.

It's almost a who's-who of successful Hollywood directors: JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese... the list goes on. Not only that but it is strongly rumoured that Abrams and Spielberg are also investors.

Given the general paranoia that exists in the industry toward digital disruption - or shortening of the 'theatrical window' - this represents a Lazarus-like reinvention for Parker. Remember that not so long ago this was the guy who was the scourge of the music industry, and in particular Lars Ulrich of Metallica, with Napster!

Sean Parker is someone who has clearly learnt the lesson that if you want to disrupt an industry, then do it from the inside - out.