The answer is 'no', when it's a massive data breach.

It says a lot when the only time MySpace gets significant 'air time' is after hundreds of millions of its account passwords are offered for sale on the black market.

However that is the reality of the situation these days for the fallen star of the social media scene. After a flurry of news when Justin Timberlake invested in the business - way back in 2011 - it had all gone pretty quiet... until now.

The new management were quick to point out that the breach had occurred before they transitioned to a new platform, but the most startling thing about this news is the realisation that MySpace still has several hundred million accounts to be hacked.

When Facebook's employees leave the car park at the Menlo Park campus they see the old Sun Microsystems logo on the back of the company sign. Why? Apparently Zuckerberg asked that the sign for the previous tenant was flipped around, so his employees would be reminded to stay motivated.

One look at MySpace should do the trick.