When Steve Jobs passed away on 5th October 2011, I didn't expect to see another tech entrepreneur - in my lifetime - have such a far reaching effect on the industry and our lives.

On the recent tenth anniversary of the iPhone, I watched Jobs' original presentation at MacWorld (https://youtu.be/vN4U5FqrOdQ). I found it a nostalgic and moving experience, in that it only served to remind me how no single product or person has come close - in terms of impact - since.

Events over the past week, however, have made me question if Elon Musk's achievements may be regarded - over time - as even more profoundly impactful than those of Jobs. 

Firstly, SpaceX can now launch and then land the same rocket booster on a platform in the ocean - which will revolutionise the space and satellite industries. Secondly, Tesla is now worth more than Ford Motor Company, and has aleady revolutionised the automotive industy.

Oh, and he also launched Neuralink (a venture aiming to merge the human brain with AI), whilst Hyperloop One continues to develop an underground 700mph train... fair play, Elon... only time will tell.