I was proud, if not somewhat taken aback, by the strength of Microsoft's statement in relation to the WannaCry malware attack. They did not shirk in pointing the finger firmly at those parties who they believe are culpable. This is a sign of a company that has, under new leadership, rediscovered it's confidence and 'mojo'.

If not arrested, these types of event will erode the general public's confidence in the security of the whole global IT infrastructure - to the point where it will be difficult to retrieve. I would have thought the driverless car and IoT industries would be the first to feel the backlash. 

How do you persuade someone to trade in their trusty, petrol-powered 4x4 for an electric, self-driving vehicle when there is a possibility it could be hacked and immobilised by cyber criminals... maybe even whilst you are driving it? And why trust the internet to control the locks on your house, or your heating?... In fact, why even continue to bank online?

Don't be surprised by Microsoft's strong words, they know how much is at stake.