Apologies for the sensationalist headline... couldn't help myself... 

Whilst the US administration is putting 'intelligence sharing' countries (such as the UK) under pressure to keep Huawei kit out of their 5G network infrastructure, it turns out that Amazon shares data from your Ring doorbell with Facebook and Google.

To be honest, if any company - anywhere in the world - can somehow make money out of the data provided from my doorbell, then I think they fully deserve it.

I do, however, wonder if we are approaching 'peak data'?... a tipping point when companies realise there is actually no value in knowing when a Jehovah's Witness posted a leaflet through my door when I was at work.

Having said that - and joking aside - would Deliveroo (an Amazon investment) be interested in knowing when/how often Uber Eats visited, and vice versa?... what if the content is being filtered through facial recognition software?... if data's being shared, it's being sold.

Imagine if Huawei had a camera product that shared data with Tencent and Alibaba?... I doubt it would get permission in China, let alone the US.