... love Billie Eilish?...

To use a retail analogy, coming off the 'usual' music streaming platforms and onto SoundCloud is like walking out of an identikit, out-of-town shopping mall (Starbucks, Gap etc.) and into a cross of the Chatuchak, Grand Bazaar and Camden markets - all rolled into one!

The platform has launched the careers of many artists (inc. Ms Eilish) and even has it's own genre: 'SoundCloud Rap'. If you want to hear what's new, fresh and alternative across all categories - and not just what the record companies want you to listen to - then there is no substitute.

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures once said - in reference to SoundCloud, in their darkest hour: 'cherished and loved parts of the internet will never go away'. So true. The 'darkest hour' is now a distant memory - massive respect to the team at SC for that.