Whilst lots has been written about technology companies enjoying a boost during the pandemic - Zoom, Amazon, Netflix etc. - Nintendo seem to have gone under the radar, with a sky-high share price and booming sales.

Having bought my daughters (and me) a Switch console for Christmas, I've found myself drawn into the wonderful and immersive world of Animal Crossing - providing a welcome level of escapism, in these current times. Not only that, but the majority of my exercise regime is now provided by games such as Just Dance!

The company cannot build the Switch consoles and accessories fast enough - a quick glance online will list them being sold at vastly inflated prices... and you can forget getting hold of the fitness wheel.

Whilst Sony (PlayStation) and Microsoft (Xbox) operate with vastly superior budgets - and are seemingly stuck in an out-and-out arms race for processing power - Nintendo continue to innovate in ways beyond their competitors imagination. 

Worth 'a doff' of Mario, or Luigi's, cap ;-)