As the father of two young daughters, Roblox is now 'a thing' that's impossible to ignore. The best way I can describe it is as a cross between Minecraft (Microsoft) and Animal Crossing (Nintendo).

It's a 'massive multiplayer online game' (MMOG), accessed on mobiles and tablets. Downloading the app is free, it's the currency used in the Roblox universe (Robux) where they make their money.

And according to the filings for their IPO, it's a lot of money ($1BN in 2020, which was double the year before). A funding round in January of this year valued the firm at $30BN, which I am SURE will be surpased when they plan to go public on March 10th.

However, before you 'roll your eyes' and dismiss this as the latest fad in mobile gaming - such as Farmville or Candy Crush - there is something quite special about the environment that CEO/Founder David Baszucki (who's avatar on the platform is called 'Builderman') has created.

There is a collaborative, safe and stimulating feel about the goals and challenges presented. Having watched - and listened - to my daughters on the app, I am much more comfortable they spend time here than places such as YouTube or TikTok. 

You see, they can also EARN and trade Robux by completing tasks - as opposed to just tapping-up their Dad to buy them... or, their Dad can bribe them to do 'real world' tasks with the promise of $1 of Robux - hence they're are learning the fundamental principles of capitalism (nice).

Obviously - in an ideal world - my daughters would just be learning various musical instruments, languages, doing math, climbing trees and playing with some string and a bat and ball... as I was, of course, at their age... ;-)